Crochet Cardigan

Crochet is mainly the process of generating fabric by the use of thread, yarn or various other strands of material. The term has been derived from “crochet” which is a French word which means hook. The main crocheting supplies include a hook, a fiber and scissors. The hooks used for crocheting can be made of different materials like woods, metals and plastic. These hooks are either produced or made by artisans or commercially manufactured. Crocheting is very similar to knitting as it includes pulling material loops through the other loops but at the same time it also includes wrapping the material that is being worked on around the entire hook either once or several times. Crochet is different from knitting in a way that in crochet there is only one stitch that remains active, the stitches are taller and there is only one hook used for the purpose in place of two knitting needles used in the process of knitting. The stitch types in crochet are represented by symbols.

Crochet CardiganCrochet Cardigans and their Patterns

Crochet has been very successful in coming a long way because of the exclusiveness and the uniqueness that it offers. Nowadays, crochet dresses, tops, sweaters and cardigans can be spotted almost everywhere from the department stores to the fashionable runaways. Crochet cardigans are in fashion these days and they also look better than the ones that were used in the past. Among crocheted sweaters, cardigans are considered to be one of the most flattering and accessible patterns that can be started with. Therefore, it is important for people to have a good idea of some of the best Crochet Cardigan patterns that have been elaborated below:

Crochet Lace Cardigan

A lace cardigan has been very popular among crocheters since the last few years and it is very easy to point out the reasons behind the popularity of lace crochet cardigans. The length of a crochet lace cardigan can be varied very easily be the addition of some more rows. This type of crochet cardigan is very flattering as it consists of a front that is open and the pattern consists of vertical lines. The best feature of crochet lace cardigan is that it is seamless and top-down and it is something that should be considered as the first choice among the different varieties of crochet sweaters available in the market.

Whispers Crochet Cardigan

This is one cardigan that features a very different look because of its horizontal lines. This cardigan is in great demand this winter and the reason behind this is the fashionable statement that it creates. It consists of scalloped edging and deep V neckline elongating the torso that adds a feminine touch to the cardigan.

Pinwheel Sweater

This sweater is basically a learning idea for crocheters. This is one pattern that is meant for the brave and the bold crocheters as it is cleverly constructed and fits the body with great elegance.


Delicate is a lightweight cardigan that serves to be great for the winters because of the layering that it consists of. It is a transitional item that can not only be used during the winters but also during spring. It consists of modern styling added with a stitch pattern that is quite feminine.

Filigree Cardigan

Filigree cardigan is a pattern that is very pretty but the pattern is also very tricky and it is not of great use for beginners into crocheting.

V-Stitch Wrap and Cardigan

The V-stitch wrap and cardigan has a very big impact but it can be used very easily. The entire body is found to be in one single piece and the sleeves are found to be worked on the boy itself. There are no seams and this cardigan can also be altered very easily if different lengths are required in the sleeves and the body.

Asymmetrical Cardigan

The list of Crochet Cardigan and their patterns would not be complete without the mention of asymmetrical cardigans. Asymmetrical pattern of crochet cardigans are very famous among people these days and they are also found to be available in simple colors.