Wondering about crochet cardigan pattern: Here is what you need to do

When you first feel the first chilly winds on your face, you know the time has come to bring your crochet cardigans out of their resting place. You feel blessed that your mother loved doing crochet on a regular basis and thus you have a few good ones for yourself. Now that your daughter would be starting her university you would want to make a crochet cardigan for her and gift her. Over the phone you speak to your mother regarding this and she tells you what you need to do.

Selecting the color for the cardigan

Before you choose the crochet cardigan pattern you would need to chose the color for the cardigan. Since your daughter is in her middle teens, your mother advises you to make a cardigan with two or three colors, so that she could use them on a regular basis with long skirts or jeans.

Crochet Cardigan PatternWhat would be the texture of the wool?

When you crochet a cardigan you would have to understand the texture of the wool. Crochet is best done on wools which are light and the design comes out well. If you use heavy wool the design would not be prominent and you would face problems when crocheting it.

What type of the pattern would the cardigan have?

When choosing a Crochet Cardigan Pattern, you can either choose from a top down pattern where the entire cardigan would crochet into one piece. The second option you have is crocheting the body and the hands as individual pieces and then sewing them together once the cardigan is completed.  The third option that you have in hand is making small crochet pattern patches of similar size for the body and the hands. Then you would need to stitch the pattern together and then add the sleeves to the body. In the end you also need to add the buttons in the cardigans.

Check the size of the cardigan

While making the crochet cardigan for your daughter, check the size of the cardigan and keep it a few inches loose. If there is problem in determining the cardigan size, you would have to open up the crochet cardigan and start all over again. This is a very cumbersome process and most people dislike it.

Do not create too much tension when crocheting your cardigan

When you are crocheting the cardigan maintain looseness in the wool yarn which is being crocheted. This would help the design to be fuller. If you create tension in the yarn and crochet the cardigan closely, the design would not be depicted well and the woolen yarn might get torn too in the process.

You feel motivated after listening to your mother’s advice regarding how to crochet a cardigan for your daughter. You immediately leave for the mall to buy the wool needed to weave the crochet cardigan for your daughter.

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